27 aprile 2012

Tap Dance Shoes

Yep, I am attending Tap Dance lessons and I love it! It's really fascinating. I have always wanted to learn tap dance, I think I am meant to be, or maybe I was a tap dancer in my previous life (lol!) as to say that I love it it's not enough. It's awesome! I can't wait to get good enough to dance like Gene Kelly or Shirley Temple... aye! :D

Eh già, sto andando a lezione di Tip Tap e ne sono innamorata! E' davvero affascinante. Ho sempre voluto impararlo... Chissà, forse ero una tap-dancer nella vita precedente (ah ah!) visto che dire che lo adoro è dir poco.. lo trovo magnifico! Non vedo l'ora di essere brava abbastanza da ballare come Gene Kelly o Shirley Temple, ehh! :D

But then, due to my broken wallet, I avoided to buy tap dance shoes till now.. I am dancing with some simple mary janes with a low heel by now. As long as they are good to dance, I am missing the sound! And the sound is the most important part in tap dance, so now I need real tap dance shoes and I am going to buy it asap, finally.
I found these online, the price is pretty good - these shoes cost way too much in stores! What do you think about it? Is there any tap dancer out there that has some advice for me? With many thanks in advance :)

Però, visto che il mio povero portafoglio è piuttosto vuoto, finora ho evitato di comprare scarpe da tip tap. Al momento ballo con delle semplici mary jane col tacco basso. Anche se vanno abbastanza bene per ballare, non fanno suono! E il suono è la parte più importante nel tip tap, quindi adesso è tempo di rompere il salvadanaio e comprare delle vere scarpe da tip tap, finalmente.
Ho trovato queste in un negozio online, il prezzo è piuttosto buono, visto che queste scarpe costano davvero troppo nei negozi specializzati! Che ne pensate? C'è qualche ballerino/a di tip tap qui in giro che può darmi un consiglio utile? Se sì, ringrazio in anticipo :)

A couple of interesting links about Tap Dance:
Un paio di link interessanti sul Tip Tap:

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Basic Tap Dance steps
How to learn tap dancing
How to choose your Tap Dance shoes

Storia del Tip Tap (wiki ita)

and some pics :)
e un po' di immagini!

Gene Kelly, I love you!
(I really do!)

Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers

 Tap dancers lines in all their sequins, bob hair and glamourous shoes!


Shirley Temple

and more tap dance pics, just because!
(and to get me inspired to actually do some exercise at home..)

and one more Gene Kelly's, since I really love him.

 (expecially when he's with Jerry and in sailor suit!)

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  1. Hi there!!! Thank for following my blog! My name is Chelsea! I'm a professional musical theatre performer from Canada! My advice is to get Sodanca tap shoes! They're the best 'half-way' shoe (not too expensive, but still really good quality)! I know they may seem like a lot of money, but they make a huge difference! I hope that helps!!! Let me know if you have any questions!

  2. Hi Chelsea! Thank you so much for visiting and for your great advice! Unfortunately, due to my broken wallet, and despite the fact I LOVE it so much, I am no longer attending tap dance lessons for this season... I hope to get back on track asap.
    I bought these shoes I was referring in this post and they are good, at least for a rookie like me: nice sound, great fit, (very) cheap price... but I will make it sure to follow your advice if I ever go back learning tap dance (and I really hope so!).
    Thank you!

  3. I really liked your Information. Keep up the good work. Tap Dance Shoes


Thank you for your sweet message! ♥

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